Istanbul & Bursa Package Tours

  • Bursa & Bosphorus Cruise and Cable Car Tours

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    On the first day, we will pick you up from your hotel and join to our Bosphorus Sightseeing Cruise between Europe and Asia Continents. Drive to Golden Horn to Pierre Loti Hill for a panoramic view of the city. Use Cable Car down from the hill. On the second day, we pick you up and drive to Bursa. Visit the Green Mosque and Green Tomb and continue to Uludag mountain. You will have free time to enjoy the Uludag activities on the mountain. Use the Cable Car on the Uludag and return back to Istanbul.

  • 6 Days Istanbul to Bursa Package Tour

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    6 days Istanbul to Bursa package tour covers to visit Bursa city and around the city. We collect you right from your hotel in Istanbul and transfer to ferry station in Istanbul. Continue to Bursa by ferry. You save your time with the use ferry from Istanbul to Bursa and Bursa to Istanbul. You will stay at the hotel in bursa city and join our daily Bursa tours. Also, you will have enough days to relax and shopping in Bursa.

  • 4 Days Istanbul to Bursa Package Tour

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    4 days Istanbul to Bursa package tour starts from Istanbul with the hotel pick in Istanbul and we dive to Bursa. On the way, use also car ferry from Eskihisar to Yalova. You will have Bursa and Uludag tour on the first day and transfer to hotel in Bursa. You will have 3 nights hotel with breakfast in Bursa and last day, we will pick you up from the hotel after our Bursa tour from Istanbul and take you back to Istanbul.

  • 15 Days Istanbul and Bursa Tour Itinerary

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    We invite you an amazing Turkey vacation in Istanbul and Bursa cities. Just arrive at Istanbul international airport and start to the 15 days Istanbul and Bursa tour itinerary. You will have natural beauty tours while you are staying at the hotel in Istanbul and Bursa. You will use return ferry from Istanbul to Bursa and you will not lose you time on the bus. You will have enough time for rest and do shopping at the center with your family or your group.

  • 12 Days Istanbul Bursa and Pamukkale Package Tours

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    12 Days Istanbul Bursa and Pamukkale Package Tours cover to visit most famous cities of Turkey. You start to the tours once you arrive in Istanbul and continue to Bursa. After the visiting Bursa, continue to Pamukkale Calcium Terraces town. You will stay at the thermal hotel in Pamukkale and after the Pamukkale tour, you will fly back to Istanbul. You will have a fantastic holiday in Turkey.

  • 9 Days Turkey Istanbul and Bursa Package Tour

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    9 days Turkey Istanbul and Bursa package tour provides you a more convenient way to visit the both cities. You only need to book your flight ticket to Istanbul and rest will be a dream travel for you. We pick you up from the airport and you start to the tour package. Explore famous Istanbul and continue to Green Bursa. Visit the Bursa and come back to Istanbul. Also, you have enough time to rest and shopping in the both cities. Finally, transfer you back to the airport.

  • 18 Days Istanbul Bursa & Trabzon Black Sea

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    We invite you to join our amazing 18 days vacation in Turkey. Your tour package covers to discover Istanbul, Bursa, Masukiye, Sapanca, Trabzon, Ayder Rize and Uzungol in Black Sea coastline.You will have mostly relaxing and historical package tour in Turkey holiday. You are going to have a ream vacation in turkey. You will save your time and budget on this program and your tour Turkey tour itinerary has almost all you need in Turkey. ıf you have more time also we can add other activities in this itinerary according to your wishes.

  • 14 Days Istanbul and Bursa Package Tours

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    You will have an amazing 14 days Istanbul and Bursa package tours. You will have sightseeing tours in Istanbul, day trip to Masukiye and Sapanca tour, Princes Island day tour and continue to Bursa city. You will Bursa and Uludag tour, Bursa Old Ottoman Village & Waterfall tour. Also, you will enough time for relax, rest and explore the town on your own. You will have historical and mostly natural beauty tours with the local tour guides. You will start to the tour package when you arrive at the airport and it will finish when you return back to the airport.